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Empower every student to achieve post-secondary success

College Contact provides 1:1  near-peer advising to make college-going real for all students

College counselor Angel Lin who attends UVA
College counselor Henry McGonnigal who attends USC






Students Assisted

How We Support Students

We improve post secondary outcomes by providing 1:1 near-peer advising at scale.

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Carefully Matched Mentors

 Students are matched with relatable near peer mentors to increase motivation,  improve self efficacy, & provide 



College-Going Curriculum

Our curriculum includes the key components of post secondary planning and personalization based on each student's unique backgrounds & goals


Accessible & Affordable

Affordable pricing allows schools to offer our  1-1 advising at scale making the high touch support of a private counselor accessible to all students

How It Works



Students from partner organizations gain access to our platform. Students create accounts and provide information about their goals and mentor preferences.

Students are hand-matched to mentors based on their unique preferences. Students can elect to be matched with mentors based on demographics, major interests, school of attendance, & more.


Students meet with their mentor consistently to complete our post-secondary preparation curriculum. This includes career path exploration, evaluation of college options, essay & application help, and financial  planning support.

Our Students Have Been Accepted to 140+ Universities 

Map with colleges our students have been accepted to including: Harvard, Yale, & more.


of our students get into their #1 choice


students have used College Contact 


Near-peer mentors on our platform


State & Regional

  • Harvard 

  • UPenn 

  • NYU 

  • Brown 

  • Yale 

  • UWashington 

  • UVA

  • UChicago 

  • Cornell 

  • Rice University

  • UGA 

  • UF 

  • Duke 

  • Wake Forest 

  • UCLA 

  • Cal Berkely 

  • University of Texas at Austin 

  • University of Michigan

  • Tulane

  • Tufts

  • UNC Chapel Hill 

  • UMiami

  • USC

  • Pepperdine University

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison

& more!

  • Texas A&M ​

  • University of Houston 

  • TCU 

  • TWU 

  • Syracuse 

  • Providence College 

  • Fordham University 

  • Elon 

  • Penn State 

  • Indiana University 

  • Ohio State 

  • Auburn University 

  • FSU 

  • USF 

  • UCF 

  • FAU 

  • Palm Beach State 

  • NSU 

  • University of Tennessee 

  • LSU

  • Alabama University 

  • Virginia Tech 

  • Clemson

  • USC 

  • MU 

  • Arizona State University 

  • Arizona University 

  • Ball State 

  • UCSB 

  • Nevada University 

  • CU Boulder 

  • UMKC  

& more!

Meet The Mentors 

College counselor Anya Gupta who attends Duke University

Anya Gupta

Duke University

Environmental Science | Hindi

I am a rising senior at Duke University double majoring in Environmental Science.

College counselor Qais Youssef who attends UVA
1st Gen

Qais Youssef

University of Virginia

Commerce | Sustainability

I am a rising senior at the University of Virginia majoring in Neuroscience and Data Science.

College counselor Anna Kadet who attends UGA

Anna  Kadet

University of Georgia

Journalism | Psychology

I am a freshman at the University of Georgia, where I double major in Journalism and Psychology.

College counselor Gabriel Ajaegbu who attends Stanford University
1st Gen

Gabriel Ajaegbu

Stanford University

Bioengineering | Human Biology

I'm a freshman at Stanford majoring in Bioengineering with a minor in Human Biology.



Loved working with these counselors!! My counselor was so helpful and even if you don’t know where to start AT ALL by the end of the zoom call she helped you narrow down a list of topics you want to write about. She helped turn my bland essay into something more creative which was just the thing my essay needed! So sweet and so helpful with feedback and how to edit and make your essays better.


Get in Touch

We would love to learn more about your organization's needs. Schedule a call with our founders or leave us a message. 

Sophie & Leah College Contact's founders

Sophie Smith 
CEO / Co-Founder

Leah Guesman 
COO / Co-Founder

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